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ASEC provides board-certified specialists in all specialties to offer comprehensive care for the pet, no matter what the ailment.  We work in conjunction with our referring veterinarians to complement your work: We refer the pet back for any on-going medical management.

Our communication is second to none: We will call, fax, or email pertinent information about your patients to keep you updated on their condition, along with laboratory results and follow-up visits.  We are available for questions and consultations by phone, and are able to accommodate emergent cases at any time of the day or night.

Our quality service and reputation are the reason we receive over 3000 vet referrals per year.  Call us today for your information kit on how to become an ASEC referring veterinarian.



You may have heard terms like “E-healthcare”, “E-medicine”, “E-visits”, or “telemedicine” to describe a new trend in healthcare.  All of these terms refer to using technology, such as telephones and computers to offer diagnostic health services at a distance.  The benefits are convenience and time savings.  However, it is vital to ensure that top-quality care and advice is communicated, which can be difficult when veterinarians, patients and clients do not meet face-to-face.

At ASEC, we have been using telemedicine for years to help our referring veterinarians diagnose complex cases. We read digital x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, medical records, and lab reports sent by email and we discuss treatment options and recommendations with referring veterinarians. Regardless, a physical examination of your pet will usually be recommended, to ensure accurate assessment, enabling the highest possible quality of care.

We are abreast of the latest equipment, systems and modalities available, and are always striving to enhance ASEC’s capabilities.  You may rest assured that we will always employ cutting-edge communications technology and telemedicine, to ensure that your pet will receive the best caliber of collaborative diagnostics and treatment.