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Since 1990, ASEC has offered an externship program for veterinary students, which has grown to over 70 participants each year. We accept junior or senior students, ideally for a one-to-four week rotation (depending on the service), to fulfill private practice or elective curriculum requirements.


  • want experience in a specialty practice
  • are considering internships (and in particular, are considering applying to our internship program)
  • are hard-working, motivated, intelligent, friendly and enjoy working with others

then this program is for you.

Our objectives are to teach and educate externs, while maintaining referral-caliber patient care and referral-caliber communication and service, for clients and referring veterinarians. When you arrive, you will be given a tour of the hospital, a packet of orientation information and be assigned a mentor, who will be your primary “contact DVM” (and who will also be filling out your evaluation). Of course, rather than spending 100% of your time with the designated mentor, we feel your education will be maximized by spending time with each of the senior DVMs rather than just one. That being said, the extern is expected & required to get involved with cases from all DVMs of the department.


Please click on ORIENTATION PACKET for detailed information regarding extern schedule for each department.


Your attendance is expected at daily surgery and emergency case rounds, as well as grand rounds, journal review, radiology rounds and lectures.


We do not require, or provide, professional liability (malpractice) insurance, health insurance or worker’s compensation for externs. We do not require you to have any of these; however, if your college mandates that these be arranged, it is the responsibility of the extern to arrange such coverage.


There are no fees or costs charged to the extern. No stipend or payment is provided.


At this time we have no specific arrangements for housing. Most externs have stayed with relatives or acquaintances in the Los Angeles area. If you are unable to make similar arrangements, give us a call and we will try to help. A local low-cost student hotel is the Claremont Hotel: (310)-208-5957


Feel free to ; likewise, feel free to call 310-473-1561 to speak to Dr. Joan Dolance, our education program director, regarding our hospital and the externship program.


After you have read the “extern information” on this page:

  1. Click on the AVAILABLE DATES link below
  2. Review the available dates on the schedule
  3. Choose the dates you would prefer, as well as second and third alternative preference.
  4. Fill out the email application at the bottom of this page, with your contact information, and your first, second and third alternative dates, and:
    (The schedule posted on the website is updated approximately every two to three weeks. It is possible, therefore, that a slot which appears available on the posted schedule may have already been filled. Therefore, please e-mail your first preference along with a second and a third alternative.)
  5. Within 2 weeks, our externship coordinator will e-mail you to confirm which dates we have approved.
  6. Please download our ORIENTATION PACKET. You will be expected to be familiar with its contents and please print a copy and bring it with you to ASEC.

Please note the following:

a.   For Western University 4th year students:

  • you must select one of the designated four week blocks, for whichever service you wish to extern with. It is not possible to start in the middle of one block and finish in the middle of the subsequent block (this policy is in order to accommodate the maximum number of externs).
  • you may sign up for externships with several departments, spending four weeks in each; but, in order to accommodate the maximum number of individuals, you may not repeat an externship with the same Department.

b.    For externs from other universities:

  • you may select any one week in surgery and/or a one, two, three, or four week period in emergency/critical care.
  • you will have the option, while you are here, of spending some of your time with the Radiology/Imaging Department, or Cardiology/Internal Medicine Department, if you so desire.
  • You may also select to work with Surgery Department for part of the externship, and Emergency/Critical Care for the remainder, or vice versa. Simply note which weeks, in your e-mail request.
  • The maximum total period of externship will be four weeks total
  • If you are not able to do an externship, you are still very welcome to visit any time, for a day or two, or a few hours, or whatever your schedule permits. Just give us your contact information below, and in the “questions” section, mention what day(s),  or time(s) you will be in the area and we will be happy to accommodate a visit.


Please do not sign up unless you are certain that you will attend. Last-minute cancellations prevent other students from having the opportunity of performing an externship here. Externs who have signed up, and fail to show up without informing us in advance, will not be eligible for internship consideration at ASEC, and in addition, your university will be contacted.

If your school is not located in the United States or Canada, please let us know. We make every effort to accommodate foreign graduates, but since the externship is designed to provide fourth year credit for the senior year curriculum, students of AVMA approved colleges in the U.S. and Canada are given priority.

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Application for Externship Program