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“Dr. Cohen,
Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave to our Javier. We know that we had a lot more time with him because of your efforts and the fact that you always gave him your best. Thank you also for letting us know when it was time to let him go and for being there during that time.
With Love”
~Demare & Ken

“My puppy Lucy came into my life when she was nine weeks old. One day later she became very ill.  I spent the next few months seeing many veterinarians who treated her symptoms but didn’t diagnose her problem.  Dr. Todd Cohen and Dr. Anderson at ASEC literally saved her life when I was being advised by family and friends to “put her down”.  Dr. Cohen did the necessary workup to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, and Dr. Anderson performed the surgery that she so needed.  And, they did their jobs with such expertise and huge hearts.  Every person at ASEC cares about their furry patients.  The front desk and support staff made such a difference by doing their jobs with such competence, as well as praising Lucy’s cuteness to me in every conversation.  I am fully confident she was and is treated in the most expert manner and cared for as if she were their own pet. By following the guidance of these two veterinarians, my Lucy is alive and thriving, and hopefully will for many years. She brings me immense joy every day when life can sometimes be so challenging. Lucy and I will be eternally grateful to ASEC for the rest of our lives.”


“Another life saved by these amazing doctors!

I’m back for an update on my beautiful little angel Deano. Dr Kim and I have been through quite a bit with my little boy. Although Dr Kim looks like he is just out of high school, he is a brilliant, caring and very talented surgeon. He had operated on Deano twice already with his bladder stones. The serious problem though was a huge stone in Deanos tiny right kidney. After constant infections, we realized there was no other option but another more serious surgery on the kidney.
We looked at many options because any type of cutting into the kidney can cause serious problems with the functioning of the kidney. I was very sad leading up to the surgery, knowing the risks. Then this wonderful Dr. Kim calls me. He had been doing research all weekend to try and figure out a less invasive way to retrieve the stone. He found one that he had done before, just not on a kidney.
Day of surgery and I’m all stressed out even with my faith in Dr. Kim. The surgery lasted hours and because the stone had practically grown into the kidney, he had to be extra careful. They broke it in pieces and took it out little by little. After a 48 stay and 24 hour monitoring, I picked up my little angel.
Dr. Kim stayed in constant touch as the recovery was difficult for my little guy. The most important thing is he has recovered and he is a happy dog again. I received a call from Dr. Kim today and realized I owe it to people who love their animals to let them know there is a place where people still care. This doctor and this wonderful hospital saved my love Deano! I am grateful beyond words!”

~Mariana R. via Yelp


“We took our cat to Dr. Trivedi for a year and a half.  He helped her through liver cancer, a feeding tube, kidney failure, diabetes, and anemia.  ASEC is a wonderful place with very attentive, thorough, and timely service.  Since they have a 24/7 ER, you can call or come in at any time and there is always a doctor available. They also offer weekend appointments, which is incredibly convenient.  While they are expensive, you are paying for the best treatment.  Plus, they often gave us discounts because our cat was a long-time patient.    We know our cat would not have made it as long as she did without the amazing care she received from Dr. Trivedi.  Because of this, we definitely recommend ASEC and will use them again if we ever have a sick pet in the future.”

~Melissa W. via Yelp


“To ASEC Vets:  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the care and personal attention you’ve given my 16 year old kitty cat Izzy. No matter what, I always felt absolutely certain she was in the best possible hands. From Dr.Gill’s surgical skill and constant monitoring of her overall case, to Dr. Blankenship’s emergency triage and continued attention throughout the night, to Dr. Vinson spending the better part of an hour with me explaining everything that was going on, as well as getting her various prescriptions in order.  Dr McMann for her final stabilization and MORE care – to the lovely ladies at the front desk who were always immediately responsive and compassionate to our situation.
I simply can’t express enough the excellence of the team at ASEC.  Right down to financials I always felt that my cat Izzy’s health was the priority on all fronts.”

~Shannan B. via Yelp


“I always thought of this place as a “last resort” for after hours emergencies only, because it seems so big and full of dozens of vets and techs and clients all the time, and can seem a little overwhelming and impersonal. But after a few years with ASEC, visiting for various after-hours emergencies (and false alarms) as well as regular visits with the cardio and internal medicine departments for my senior dogs, I can say for certainty that I am a big fan of ASEC and everyone who works there.

First off, understand that ASEC works on triage, meaning you MAY have to wait a while, even if you’ve made an appointment. Know that when it’s YOUR dog who has been hit by a car or has bloat or has accidentally eaten snail bait, you will be thankful for this policy.
Many of the vets here are specialists, meaning when your dog develops a heart problem or has a stomach tumor and needs some scan or other kind of specialized attention, this is where you go. The vets here are knowledgable, compassionate, they always ALWAYS take their time with you and your pet, and you leave with a full explanation (verbal and in writing) of what’s going on with your pet and options regarding how to proceed.
I have had a good experience with every single vet I’ve seen here. Despite the volume of patients they must see every day, they never made me feel like a number, and I always got a follow up call or calls and personalized service. I came away from my last experience here (my 15 year old dog with heart disease and kidney problems) feeling grateful that we had people working to keep her healthy for as long as possible. It felt like they were part of our team.
I’ve been a dog owner for over 15 years now, have owned 8 dogs and have seen 4 through their last months/weeks with cancer or heart disease, and I think I’ve seen half the vets in the LA area by now. I have come away from some of them feeling angry, manipulated, and defeated, and other experiences have been just fine. But with ASEC, I am both impressed and thankful. They go above and beyond.”

~Becky P. via Yelp


“Dear Dr. Downing,
There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not thankful to you for your kindness and wonderful expertise. My only regret is that we don’t share this with you more often… It’s been 18 months since Dinka’s diagnosis, and we consciously appreciate every day she is with us. I think Dinka- in her own way- is aware of this too. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!
Spencer, Debi & Dink”


“Deirdre and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff at ASEC. Your professionalism and compassion in caring for Dylan will never be forgotten. We sincerely appreciate your medical efforts on saving Dylan, as well as the comfort you provided all of us during this very difficult time. You exhibited a high level of medical expertise and empathy which didn’t go unnoticed and made Dylan’s last days as tolerable as possible. Dylan was a great little dog and a wonderful companion for more than eight years. While his life was cut short, we know in our hearts he was loved and well cared for until the very end. You should feel very proud of the services you provide to your patients and their families. Deirdre and I will keep you in our prayers.”
~Peter S.


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of that Lothario, Ziggy. And also, thank you for taking the time to talk to me about Lucy. You were direct and pragmatic. It helped. Best regards…”
~Lee S.


“We want to thank you for your time as Max’s veterinarian. Your commitment, care, and expertise did not go unnoticed and will never be forgotten.
We said goodbye to Max on March 18th, after an 18 month battle with brain disease. He was 13 years and a week old.
Max led a full and happy life. Max had marked his territory in 10 of the 50 states and had taken over 25 cross-country flights. If dogs got frequent flier milers, he’d be in the platinum club. He was loyal and loving and smart. We will miss him beyond words.
Max was a member of our family and we appreciate that you treated him with the respect, love and consideration that a family member deserves. Max was sick for a long time, but you never gave up, always honored our choices, and supported us through it all.
You not only extended the length of Max’s life, but drastically increased his quality of his life while he was still with us.
We appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
~Sam, Elizabeth, Lisa and Matt


“My cat had been getting sick all Sunday morning and I knew she needed to see a vet ASAP. The ASEC had been recommended by my pet sitter and they were great. Attentive, friendly, caring and quick. Very clean facility. We saw Dr. Horowitz and he was excellent, kind and thorough. He also sent along the test results to my cat’s regular vet so she would have all the information first thing Monday. I definitely recommend them.”
~Kelley E. via Yelp


“I took my bunny here last night after being refused somewhere closer to home because the vet was allergic to bunnies. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. Everything was spotless and clean, and they updated me and my mom of the status of my bunny’s health as they took care of him. The vet was very clear and explained the situation throughout our time there. I would suggest this place to anyone I know. The only downside was that it was so far away from where I live.
~Amanda S. via Yelp


“Thanks for Moo-Cats surgery. She is well on the road to recovery and is playing with our other kitty and jumping on tables just like she used to. 🙂 We really don’t know what we would’ve done without you. Everyone we interacted with was so professional and helpful with everything. Moo was (understandably) not a happy kitty when we brought her to you with a broken hip, but it was such a relief to see everyone make her confortable and take care of her. Thank you again for everything- it’s so great to have our kitty back.
~John C. & Lynne S. (and Moo and Bear)


“This facility is THE example of how to treat sick animals and their owners. I had to rush my very sick 14 year old diabetic dog there on Tuesday night. I called on my way, and they met me in the parking lot to grab him and begin treating him before I had even parked my car. They coordinated with my vet the whole way. One of their vets called me at 4:30 AM to update me. He ultimately had to be put down, and the care that both Max and I received was unbelievably kind and caring. They didn’t rush me, allowed 2 friends to be with me, and comforted me. The treated us as well, if not better than any human hospital I’ve ever had to be in. I highly recommend ASEC for emergencies. They are expensive, but they have extremely competent, round he clock care.  I am forever grateful to them.” 
~Lisa F. via Yelp


 “I just want to thank all of you for your kind and generous care every time we came to ASEC. You are such a warm and caring group of people and I will always be grateful for all of your help.
~Mouse’s Mom, Ellen F.


“Thank you for help save Rocky’s life, you guys are amazing. He is doing SO well 4 days later!
~Kelly R. via ASEC Facebook page


“My dog ingested some rat bait at a family member’s house on a Sunday night of a holiday weekend, and when we saw what was happening, I rushed him over to ASEC.  I was terrified.  The staff took him back immediately and were very calming.  They examined him, got my consent, induced vomiting and gave him activated charcoal.  We couldn’t find out the type of rat poison because it was set out by a pest guy, and they gave me honest information about the prognosis in the various cases.  They formulated a thorough and aggressive treatment plan to account for all possibilities, and monitored him overnight for symptoms.  My dog not only survived, he was doing so well that they released him the next day.  He’s been back home for several days now, and they’ve given me good directions about his follow up treatment.
ASEC literally saved my dog’s life.  I feel he got excellent critical care treatment.  I am deeply grateful to them.
~Sarah S. via Yelp



“Thank you so much for saving my feral cat, Tony. When I brought him in, he had a bad neck wound. You performed surgery and stitched him right up. He rested in his raccoon/feral cage the next day and I let him out that night. Off he went down the stairs and out of the yard. I am happy to report that he has come back (to eat). And for the last two nights, he has spent all night sleeping on a chair outside my door. Who knows- maybe 5 years from now I will be able to pet him (lol). He looks healed and has a terrific appetite. I really appreciate all you did that night. A special thanks to Dr. Swimmer.
~Ginger and Tony


“I have never experienced such a high level of care, concern and professionalism.
I sit here tonight with my beautiful Birman cat, Farrah, who was experiencing renal failure and if had not been for the quick work of Dr. Chadik and her wonderful, caring staff upon admission, I am sure I would have lost her.
The next couple of days were a whirlwind of tests and decisions.  Every step of the way I was guided by a team of what I would consider some of the best doctors in the country.  I had the great honor and pleasure to work with Dr. Dolance, Dr. Kim, Dr. Leonard and Dr. Yamamoto.  They are simply the best there is and I will never be able to thank them enough for their kindness and complete dedication to giving Farrah the best treatment available.  
People have asked me why I would drive 36 miles in Los Angeles traffic in an emergency to this hospital.  I think the above answers that question pretty well.”
~Denise M. via Yelp


“Thanks to everyone at ASEC for helping our Jake! He is doing so well! We took him on his first hike on Saturday and he was the happiest dog in the world! We were afraid that he would never walk again, but he has recovered beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you!
~Jennifer H.



“Dr. Sue Downing and ASEC are the best. Dr. Downing treated my dog Rambo for Canine Lymphoma and gave him an extra 20 months of life he would not have had.
~Jared L. via ASEC Facebook page


“Nan & I cannot thank you all enough for the care & consideration you gave our dear Zooey. Because of your great expertise & thoughtfulness–and a touch of good fortune and timing–our Baby Girl has completely returned to the crazy, goofy, willfull & amazing being she was before the bottom dropped out on our lives. I know her sister, Mazzy, is grateful as well.
Nan & I–and Zooey & Mazzy– want to extend our warmest love and regards to all of you. Thanks again.


“I will forever be grateful for the care of not only my dog Sadie and cat Clark but also for how well I was treated while my they were patients.
I am going to name names and know I will forget someone but that doesn’t mean you are forgotten by me just that I am having a hard time remembering all of the names of people who have helped me right now, but here is a start (I apologize for misspellings):
From the bottom of my hear, thank you, Dr. Sue Downing, Veronica, Melissa, Lindsay; Dr. Bonadio, Dr. Trivedi, Dr. Cohen, Rachael, Rochelle, Dr. Cat Williams, Marcia; the ER staff; I believe Andy is the gentleman who makes coffee and cleans the floors. Whenever I went in, he would see me and ask, “Hi, Ma’am. How is your dog?” Then, there is Megan; the front desk staff of Suzanne and all of the wonderful people I see when I enter the faciliyt. I don’t know who does the hiring but whoever it is, you do an amazing job! Oh, yes, Dr. Lacey Schenk, who had to refill some presciptions at the last minute. All of you, thank you! You are “SIMPLY THE BEST!” See, I knew it! I forgot to mention Roger, who helped me figure out how to get there yesterday with the marathon traffic and who about a month ago when I was there with Sadie helped me figure out she wasn’t ready to go yet! Again, amazing people work at ASEC. AND last but not least — I hope all of you who work at ASEC get the point I am trying to make 🙂 — Dr. Jean Reichle, who was one of the few people there who tended to both my dog Sadie & cat Clark. Thank you for what you do!

~Vickie R. via ASEC Facebook page


“This is the ONLY place I’ll ever consider taking my cats in an Emergency in LA, ever. They were fast, competent as hell, very kind, and have literally every single resource available to them to save your pet. I’m not kidding, they have a CT scanner, onsite lab, pet oncologists and cardiologists, all available, 24/7/365. They are a little pricey, but I felt like they probably saved me thousands of dollars because of what they could do and the tools they had onsite. Cat needs endoscopy? They can do it, stat. It’s the Cedars Sinai of pet hospitals. I have these people on speed dial after today, after just one visit. I called ahead, and once I walked in, my cat was seen by a Vet in about 3 minutes. Human hospitals can’t do that in the US. I’d say they are a little pricey, but you have the option of so many cheaper procedures here they can do, it probably evens out in the long run. Also, I was given clear choices, options and potential consequences, and never, ever a sales pitch. These people really CARE about what is best and not what is profitable. Blown away! My kitty says thanks ASEC!
~Alan P. via Yelp


“Both Nick and I would like to thank you all for your generosity of spirit and understanding not just with Trystyn, but with Tia II also. The loss of Tia II was a huge blow to not only Nick and me, but also Trystyn. It has been such a challenge for us to lose such a special animal and then have another become ill right after. We truly appreciate all that you not only did for our animals, but also for us over these past few years.
~Heather L.


“I am beyond grateful to Dr. Lacey Schenk and all of you at ASEC who saved my dog Lucy’s life yesterday. Lucy was stung by (or injested a bee) and went into anaphylactic shock. She was near death and had no blood pressure. Dr. Schenk stayed on it and brought her back from the brink. I am so impressed by her and all the staff at ASEC. Previously I went to another animal hospital also on Sepulveda and feel there is no comparison. It’s ASEC for me, but hope I don’t need them often. This was a terrifying ordeal. Thank you Dr. Schenk and ASEC, I am forever grateful.
~Nancy K. via ASEC Facebook page


“A big thank you to all of the staff ASEC. Drs. Cohen and Trivedi took tremendous care of our beloved Arthur.”

“I cannot say enough about the wonderful care my kitty, Arthur, received at ASEC.  Arthur suffered from a variety of ailments including Lymphoma, Diabetes, Anemia and heart failure. The internal medicine team, lead by Drs. Cohen and Trivedi, were our little guy’s biggest advocate. They, along with the internal medicine assistants Karina and Rachele, showered Arthur with love and the finest medical care one could imagine. They never gave up on him, not even at the very end.
I can’t recommend ASEC enough — they feel like family members to us now.”

~Kristen H. via ASEC Facebook page and Yelp


“To all of you gracious angels who treat the angels who treat us,
Thank you so much for all of your time, for all of your hope and for all of your efforts in the process of extending a life.
Though we would have loved for you all to enjoy him one more time, it made no sense to put him through further struggles. First and foremost, we will remember this being, this soul covered in fur, but we will also remember all of you and the comfort we took from phone calls and panicked visits. I was dumbstruck by the heart it must take not simply to treat sick animals and grieving owners, but also to return to work every day and do it all over again. You have made a huge impact on us.
~Bobby & Paige


“I am writing to thank you for the outstanding care that you provided for my dog, Darwin, last Sunday. From the moment that we walked in the door until you sent us home, everyone treated us with only the utmost level of professionalism but also with an exceptional level of concern and compassion. Everyone in your center did their best to make a very difficult situation as easy as possible for us and for Darwin. We very much appreciate it.
~Shira & Ted


“You saved my baby’s life and have been so supportive to me 24/7. I am so happy and impressed with all of your staff. Thank you all and I wish you serviced humans.
Marisa D. via client survey


“I wanted to say THANK YOU for taking care of Barkley when he was at ASEC. He is doing great and is back to his normal routine and for the most part staying out of trouble.I knew he would get the BEST care possible at ASEC and he truly did. Thank you!ASEC has an amazing staff and an amazing facility that cares about the animals and families that come through the door. It was comforting to know when I left Barkley there he was in the best possible care he could have. Thank you for taking care of him and making him better.
~Laura & Barkley


“We are so grateful that your kindness and expertise saved our beloved Leah. We will never forget all you have done.
~The Bowlin Family


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our dog Kody and of us. While no one likes to bring their beloved pet to an ER (particularly on a holiday weekend), or to then face having their pet go through surgery, your care, professionalism and yes hospitality, made it bearable and manageable. You were worth the drive from Moorpark! Kody continues to improve (he has his bounce back in his step) and we appreciate the care you gave him and the coordination with our vet, Dr. Karen Martin, Thank you all again and blessings to you.
~Joan, Gary & Kody


“Your kindness, compassion and your love for animals helped us hold on to hope. When many around us told us to give up, you and the other veterinarians and staff at ASEC helped us save Luna Belle’s heart.We cannot thank you enough for what you did. On August 30th, we will be celebrating more than just a year of her life, but a year of guardian angels that saved her heart. To your staff we are much grateful for taking care of Luna, for making sure she was safe. And to you Dr. Williams, thank you for having the HOPE we had lost.
~Billy, Jenny, Peanut and Luna


“As you can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for me. Allie was more than a pet to me; she was an extension of me. She was my rock, my everything for the last 3,011 days. I know I made the right decisions and am thankful I had the guidance from Dr. Cruikshank, Dr. Dolance and you along the way. It was a rollercoaster of emotion the last couple of days as Allie tended to defy what was expected. Sometimes it’s that glimmer of hope that is all we need. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the staff and always left knowing that Allie was receiving the best care. My short visits with her in the ICU will stay with me forever… Most importantly my wish of putting her down in my presence was granted. Please thank and forward this to the rest of the staff that had any part in Allie’s care. As I type this email, I clutch her collar and tags in my hand, tears streaming down my face. You all did an amazing job in caring for my best friend & your love of animals shines through. I am thankful for all of you.


“Thank you so much for taking good care of our girl- not just in treatment , but in comforting her when she was upset and spending time with her in her last hour. It was very clear to me from how she acted around you that she felt very affectionately towards you. Your petting, conversation and pampering meant a lot to her. It also means a lot to us that she was so well cared for, even when things were difficult.Shani, her fleece is yours now. Use it to give comfort to other kitties who need it.
~Tom & Anthony (and by extension, Will, Tiger and of course Grace)


“We so appreciate your extraordinary care of our little boy, Chuchuno. While he never showed it, we know he loves you guys, as we do. Thank you.
~T & L


“We are writing to thank you all for your dedicated care in helping Chester during his brave battle with cancer from May through November.We remain very sad, with large holes in our hearts; we made him the center of our small family and dis so much with him, and now there is a void in our house and lives.
We are also strongly comforted by the knowledge that with you he received the best of care and was in the best of hands (and hearts). We know that it was his time, and that he was at peace in the end, and is no longer in pain and that you helped us so much along the way with both medical care and emotional support. We feel fortunate to have found you and your team, and to have you leading the ay on behalf of Team Chester. It takes a village, and we are very sad to have lost the fight, but know that we did the best we could and that you did everything you knew how to do, which was considerable.
At times, your job must be unspeakably difficult, knowing what you are dealing with, and the emotions of the families you must face every day, many times with news that is not good. But please know that you do it well in ways large and small, from the clear explanations to your accessibility to the personal conversations showing that you truly do care to the administrative details.
Our sadness every day runs counter to the spirit of the holiday season, but in looking back at the glad and the sad, we wanted to make sure to thank you for everything you did for Chester and for us along the way.
~Kelley & Bud

“Kate and I wanted to send a brief note of thanks to you, Veronica and your staff for the wonderful care you afforded Bear during the last few months of his life. From the time we first met you in October until last Friday evening, you always seemed to deal with him in a very caring and loving manner. Not only with Bear, but your honesty through the entire process with Kate and myself was terrific. You never promised anything but a chance to prolong his life in way that gave all of us, Bella too, the ability to continue loving him for a few months longer.We knew in going in, when his cancer first surfaced, and during his post-surgical healing period, his life was waning. To the best of my knowledge, we never let him suffer so we could have more time. It was only that he could have more time.
While we are missing him terribly right now, I know that with your guidance we did the “right thing” last Friday evening when we all agreed to let him move on. To where, I don’t think anyone really knows. All I know is that his last hours with us were peaceful and loving and that his passing was handled with the utmost care.
To all of you, thank you again, on behalf of Kate and I and of course Bella, who is missing her big brother.
~Richard, Kate and Bella


“Thank you so much for your compassionate care of Ted. Due to your dauntless efforts, we had him 10 months longer than we thought possible. Ted always looked forward to his visits. You were by far his all-time favorite.Again Dr. Downing, our heartfelt thanks!
~Bonnie & Bob


“Jeff and I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of Alex with such love and tenderness. He was a huge part of our family and will be greatly missed. It helps more than you will ever know to have such an amazing staff of people like you to lean on in such difficult times.
~Jamee & Jeff


“I want you to know how important you been in our lives and Oliver’s. Although your career is rewarding, it must also be challenging. But know that not only your medical advice but love and support is what got us all through this difficult time.
~Judy & Jason


“I wanted to thank you for your lovely card following Caviar’s passing. But even more, I wanted to express my deep gratitude for the excellent care, and the compassion with which it was given, that Caviar received.”