Financial Policy

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  1. Payment for all services is due when your pet is released. Acceptable payment forms include cash, checks (with Telecheck approval), all major credit cards and debit cards. We cannot accept second party checks, out-of-state checks, or temporary checks. We will require identification with a valid California driver’s license. We are unable to reverse charges from a credit card or check.
  2. The doctor will give you an estimate for medical services. A deposit equal to 100% of the lower end of the estimate is required to proceed with treatment. We cannot provide medical services until a consent form is signed and a deposit has been made. Depending on how long your pet remains in the hospital and what costs are incurred, supplemental additional deposits may be required during the period of hospitalization.
  3. The doctors will provide a daily report via phone regarding your pet’s medical condition. If additional services are recommended, the doctor will discuss the associated costs with you, to obtain your approval prior to such services. All hospitalized cases receive a daily financial update making you aware of your current charges.